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Motor Cycle Scooter Style No: FIM232CSLZ


• Soft Milled Cowhide 1.2-1.3mm
• Scooter collar and covered zippers for cleaner look
• Generous closeable air vents. Two vertical vents on front, 2 on the back & 2 curved vents over arm and shoulder.
• Jacket has the day & night safety feature. The seams look subtle charcoal black in the day, but become highly reflective at night when head lights hit the jacket
• 2 pockets on the front & 2 inside
• Full sleeve liner has stretch panel for liner protection & comfortable wear
• Adjustable Velcro side tabs for better fit & wind control
• Memory foam back belt protection
• Zip-out, full-sleeve, High performance insulation liner for extra warmth
• Heavy snaps and Original YKK zippers. Non-rusting, non-corroding

Product Specs
Gender: Men'sMaterial: Leather
Concealed Carry Pocket: No

SKU: 100035
Price: $209.99